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Student Loans and Education News Archive

Below is an archived listing of Student Loan News Articles.

  • If you are considering refinancing your student loan, be on alert. Interest rate savings on student loan refinancing are shrinking as short-term rates have started rising.

  • Another opportunity to assist in paying off your student loans is being promoted in Congress. The bill would make employer contributions to your student loan payments tax deductible -- not unlike contributions companies make to their workers' 401(k)s.

  • 70% of Generation Z’s know very little about student loans according to a recent survey, writes Kelly Peeler of Forbes Magazine. If you are approaching college and don’t know much about student loans, start here for some basics.

  • Reviewing your personal finances is a great New Year’s resolution. Refinancing your student loans to a lower rate is a good place to start. See the article by Shaun Plum for more information.

  • Student loan borrowers have guidelines for spending the money they borrow. See the article by Stephen Dash of Forbes for ideas on what is allowable.

  • As holidays roll around, those with student loans should be careful with spending. Ryan Lane, senior editor for American Student Assistance, describes several strategies to reduce holiday spending.

  • Teddy Nykiel describes SoFi’s latest student loan solution, a cash out refinance product. Is this a product for you? Read the article and see.

  • Some large for-profit schools are leaving students with student loan debt they cannot discharge. For others with Federal Loans and Private Loans, what are the options to reduce or eliminate student loan debt? Take a look at Motley Fool’s website to learn more.

  • Maximize your student’s ability to receive financial aid through focused strategies. This article from Nerdwallet describes several approaches to finding and applying for financial aid at the colleges of your choice.

  • Most undergraduates need a co-signer to qualify for a private student loan. Check out this article in US News to learn the pros and cons of cosigning a loan.

  • The increase in student loan borrowing could be widening the gap between the haves and have-nots. Jillian Berman at Marketwatch breaks down student debt to describe how women and minority borrowers struggle more than their male counterparts when it comes to repaying student loans.

  • In this article located on CNBC’s website, the authors discuss student loan debt and saving for retirement. Based on their research, people save for retirement at a similar rate regardless of having student loan debt or not.

  • So Much Student Debt, So Much Ignorance

    An article in the WSJ discusses recent survey results showing that few students understand the terms of their loans. Additionally, few bothered to calculate monthly payments when taking out a loan. Search "WSJ So Much Debt by Annamaria Lusardi".

  • The rates will apply to NEW Direct Subsidized Loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and Direct PLUS Loans made between 07/01/2016 – 06/30/201. The 2016-17 rates represent a decrease of one-half of a percentage point from the 2015–16 interest rates on Direct Loans.

  • Article provides possible explanation to student borrowing and amount of student loan debt borrowed at for-profit, public 2-year, public 4-year, and private non-profit colleges.

  • Summary of the Sallie Mae report titled, “How America Pays for College 2016” indicates American families paid less this past year. However, more in loans was borrowed by private college families.

  • “Harold Pollack, co-author of Index Card offers some expert tips on how to plan ahead and deal with college debt.”

  • Parent college loans offered by private lenders typically include lower rates and fees compared to Federal Parent Plus Loans.

  • College award letters spell out some federal loan options, but some creditworthy families are shopping around for better rates with private student loans.

  • Want Your Student Debt To Disappear? Here's How To Pay Down Your Loans And Maintain Your Sanity

    Need good advice on paying down your student loans? Check this article out and maintain your sanity. Look for Forbes, Maggie McGrath, Student Debt Disappear.

  • The CFPB released an outline for borrowers that may have student loan debt issues.

  • Caution is urged when refinancing your Federal Student Loans. Know and understand the pros and cons of refinancing.

  • Here is an article in US News and World Report by Farran Powell that warns consumers about the negative aspects of PAYE and REPAYE. These plans may reduce monthly payment amounts but they will extend the repayment period and will increase cost of the loans.

  • Abby Hayes at has good preparation advice for refinancing student loans.

  • Leslie Tayne with describes four points on student loans every borrower should know.

  • Teddy Nykiel at NerdWallet presents a nice, yet simple student loan calculator.

  • An article by Nick Clements at discusses student loan refinance questions to consider before you act.

  • Here is a great article describing student loan interest rates written by Teddy Nykiel from NerdWallet.

  • NPR has a story relating to completion of the FAFSA for student financial aid. They suggest completing the FAFSA as early as possible to allow schools to alert families of the aid available. Knowing what kind of aid is available early in the process may reduce some anxiety for incoming students and families. Written by Anjuli Sastry - February 21, 2016

  • 10 Great Colleges That Won’t Make Students Take Loans never fails to provide great insight into many things related to personal finance. One article from February 2016 called “10 Great Colleges That Won’t Make Students Take Loans” offers a slideshow with a list of great schools. They also have a 2016 school ranking list. Go to and look for the article.

  • How Schools Use Tuition Hikes To Make Themselves Look Better

    A recently released article on the website discusses tuition hikes and how some schools use them to enhance their position. There is an interesting trend that indicates some of the more recognizable schools may increase tuition when they drop in the U.S. News & World report rankings. This tactic temporarily projects an image of exclusivity to consumers (prospective students).

    Remember that price doesn’t always indicate quality. Do your homework and use multiple sources to determine the value of education at your selected school.

    This article can be found on with the title: How Schools Use Tuition Hikes To Make Themselves Look Better, by Karsten Strauss.

  • Safeguard Your College Payments With Insurance

    On the site dated February 17, they have a brief article on tuition insurance written by Joseph Gallivan.
    There are multiple companies offering insurance and this article lists one.

    If you have a need and want additional protection take a look. Search NY Post and safeguard college payments with insurance.

  • Here is an article describing the lack of understanding many student loan borrowers have when it comes to their loans.
    By Natalie Kitroeff - Bloomberg - February 2, 2016

  • Student Loan Hero put together a nice piece describing six banks you should consider for student loan consolidations.

    By Andrew Josuweit - Updated January 2, 2016

  • Tuition costs and declining enrollment are causing some colleges to rethink their tuition and pricing models. Here is an article from describing several colleges that have launched big tuition discount programs.
    By Kerry Close - - January 19, 2016

  • Here is a short article from USA Today’s College Contributor network describing six tips to securing federal financial aid.
    By Charles Rocha, Sallie Mae - January 7, 2016

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