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 Not a Texas Resident?
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Student Loans for Texas Residents

Competitive rates.  Zero fees.  Apply online.

Brazos Student Loan Features

Competitive student loan interest rates are just a part of the way Brazos Student Loans provide significant savings.


Get the money you need

Brazos Student Loans were designed to help students cover up to the total cost of attendance for their field of study. If scholarships and other federal aid aren't enough, we've got you covered!


Zero fees

No origination fees. No prepayment penalties. Ever.


Choose your term

Customize your loan to fit your financial goals. With multiple terms to choose from, we've got you covered.


Approval in minutes

Save time with our quick, online application. Get pre-approved in minutes.1

Three Ways to Repay

Choose one of three ways to repay your loan.


Make no payments while in school (up to 54 months) and for six months after you graduate or cease to be enrolled at least half time at an eligible school.

  • Most flexible - make no payments while in school and during a 6-month grace period.
  • Highest total interest cost.

Interest Only

Pay only the interest while school and for six months after you graduate or cease to be enrolled at least half time at an eligible school.

  • Make interest payments while in school and during a 6-month grace period.
  • Reduces the total interest cost.


Payments begin once the loan is fully disbursed and continue for the life of the loan, even while you're in school.

  • Begin principal and interest payments while in school.
  • Lowest total interest cost.

Why Brazos?

We're part of the nation's largest group of nonprofit student loan organizations. Our unique expertise and mission allow us to offer competitive student loan options to Texas residents.



Years Financing Education2



Million Students Funded2



Billion in Loans Funded2

What People Say About Us

  • Better Rate

    "Our family has worked hard to build good credit. The team at Brazos made sure we were able to make that effort really pay off. We received a better rate on our two student’s education costs than we could find anywhere. Our advisor was always available and went the extra mile to make a complicated process work for us. Thank you... We will see you again next year!"

    - Kenn, Brazos Parent Loan Borrower

  • Great People

    "Great people and service. Always there to help or answer my questions."

    - Mitchell, Brazos Refinance Loan Borrower

  • Easy to Apply

    “I was surprised to find the Federal Parent PLUS Loan charges an origination fee of 4.2% with interest rates in the 7.6% range. Brazos offers lower rates and zero fees. They made it easy to apply and work through the process."

    - Brad, Brazos Parent Loan Borrower

  • Customer Service is Excellent

    "Easy access to communicate with representatives. Prompt responses from all communication as well. Customer service is excellent and feels like a small town local bank. I’ve never felt like just another number."

    - Alison, Brazos Refinance Loan Borrower

  • Great Experience. Super Easy.

    "Great experience. Super easy. Zero fees and decreases the overall amount I will owe on my student loans. So happy!"

    - Kelley, Brazos Refinance Loan Borrower


1. Credit Review and Approval. If you choose to apply for a Brazos Student Loan, Brazos Parent Loan, or Brazos Refinance Loan and continue your application past the pre-credit eligibility stage, we will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit inquiry. Hard credit inquiries (or hard credit pulls) are required for Brazos to be able to issue you a Brazos loan. In addition to requiring your explicit permission, these credit pulls may impact your credit score. The initial credit review is based on review of all the information you and your cosigner (if applicable) provide during the application process and the information obtained from your credit report(s). If you pass the initial credit review, you will need to provide acceptable documentation such as your income verification before the final loan approval.

2. Brazos Education Lending Corporation (Brazos) is a part of a group of several non-affiliated nonprofit companies that are all managed by The Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. and are commonly referred to as the Brazos Managed Companies. The first of the Brazos Managed Companies was organized in 1975 in Waco, Texas, as a secondary market for student loans. Since that time, the Brazos Managed Companies have, on a combined basis, served an estimated 2 million student borrowers and have helped fund an estimated $30 billion in student loans.