The Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc.

As a Texas non-profit, we are dedicated to improving lives by promoting college affordability and helping students and parents save money on their student loans.

Who We Are

The Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. (Brazos Higher Education) is a Texas non-profit corporation that is headquartered in Waco, Texas. We are not affiliated with any colleges or universities.

Brazos Higher Education has been dedicated to providing low cost assistance for higher education to Texas families for over 40 years.

We passionately believe that higher education enriches lives! Texas student loans have proven to be a needed resource to help students and parents finance higher education, and Brazos Higher Education has been an integral part of financing more than 2 million student loans.

In 2018, Texas lost a long-time leader and true champion of higher education when Brazos Higher Education’s founder Murray Watson, Jr., passed away. Mr. Watson had a deep passion for education and said, “I have always believed that education is the one thing that can’t be taken away from a person, and I want to create ways to make higher education more accessible to young people.” At Brazos, we continually strive to carry on Mr. Watson’s legacy and commitment to higher education. Click here to learn more about the Murray Watson, Jr. Scholarship.

Please be advised: Brazos Higher Education is not a student loan servicer. See our Existing Borrower Resources for a contact list of our student loan servicers.

Brazos Team

Brazos Managed Companies

Brazos Managed Companies

Brazos Higher Education also administers the affairs of other Texas nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to the origination, acquisition, and financing of Texas student loans for higher education.

These Brazos Managed Companies include:

  • Brazos Education Lending Corporation
  • Brazos Education Loan Authority, Inc.* 
  • Brazos Higher Education Authority, Inc.*
  • Brazos Student Finance Corporation*
  • Federated Student Finance Corporation*
  • The Brazos Education Foundation, Inc.

*To access the investor reports of these companies, please click here.

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Brazos Education Lending Corporation

Brazos Education Lending Corporation is a non-profit company administered by Brazos Higher Education.

Brazos Education Lending Corporation is dedicated to the origination of education loans. Brazos Education Lending Corporation is the lender for all Brazos Loans marketed on this website.

The Brazos Education Foundation, Inc.

Foundation’s Mission: To provide affordable access to higher education that enriches the academic, economic, and cultural life of our diverse state.

As part of our mission to help students and families obtain the resources necessary to succeed in postsecondary education, we are proud to support The Brazos Education Foundation, Inc.

This Foundation is a non-profit community foundation dedicated to providing affordable access to higher education through resources, scholarships, and information.

Click here to apply for the Murray Watson, Jr. Scholarship. (A $5,000 Scholarship Awarded Every Month for Texas Students!)

The Brazos Higher Education Commitment

At Brazos, we understand that high costs often limit students’ ability to pursue their dreams of higher education. Brazos is here to provide Texas residents with an affordable solution to fill their college funding gap and make saving and managing debt easier.

Brazos student loans for Texans ensure borrowers can:

Manage Finances Better

Brazos is committed to providing Texas residents with low-interest, no-fee student loans and helping them discover student loan refinance options that fit their goals. Our flexible loan terms and repayment options for student loans make it easy to budget and plan for repayment.

Save for Future

Brazos student loans provide significant savings of fees and interest over the life of the loan. With Brazos’ affordable Texas student loans, borrowers can get a head start on their other financial goals, such as getting married, buying a home, starting a business or investing in the community.

Achieve Next Big Goals

We are a Texas non-profit organization dedicated to helping Texans make responsible financial decisions to reach their next big goals and plan for a successful future. No matter the undergraduate or graduate degree program you plan to take, Brazos can help you get there.

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