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Nothing set out below limits or restricts the Brazos Investor Terms of Use but is solely intended to provide further context in relation to The Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. (Brazos Higher Education) and its managed companies.

Periodically, Brazos managed companies issue securities supported by student loans. The securities issued by a managed company to fund the purchase of student loans, do not represent interests in or obligations of, and are not guaranteed or insured by Brazos Higher Education. Current and historical investor reporting can be accessed on this website. Brazos Higher Education established this page to provide investors an accessible platform to review information relevant to their specific investment. Information pertaining to one offering may not be relevant to notes from another offering. The information on this page is for general informational purposes only. It does not purport to include every item that may be of interest, nor does it purport to present full disclosure with respect to any of the securities under applicable securities laws. Investment decisions should be made only after full review of the offering materials and other relevant matters in connection with a particular offering of our notes.